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Immediate Care for Dentures and Partials

Extractions of teeth or other oral surgery are serious surgical procedures. Postoperative care is very important. To prevent complications and unnecessary discomfort and expense, the following instructions should be followed closely to insure proper healing.


After doctor has removed teeth, denture is placed (with no denture adhesive). Very few if any adjustments should be made. This procedure is done in order to quickly allow patient to get home and ice the area. Patient is scheduled for postoperative treatment (POT) very soon after denture placement, in order to make initial adjustments. Remember that the denture/partial is acting as a “band – aid” and will aid the healing process.

Postoperative Extraction / Surgery Instructions:

Ice is extremely important especially in the first 24 hours. Hold ice on your cheek/lip in the area of surgery. Alternate holding ice on for 30 minutes and then off for 10-15 minutes; then back on, etc. for most of the rest of the day of surgery.

Do NOT use a mouth-wash for at least 12 hours after leaving the office. The day after surgery use a solution of ½ teaspoon of salt in a full glass of luke-warm water to rinse the mouth. Resume brushing all remaining teeth. The fewer bacteria in the mouth, the faster the surgical site will heal.

Smoking (cigarettes, cigars, pipes), chewing tobacco, and snuff delay healing; therefore Do NOT use any tobacco products for at least 5 days following surgery.

Patient is NOT to remove denture or partial until 24 hours after insertion and ice has been used as directed above.

  • At 24 hour time point, denture should be removed and cleaned thoroughly and mouth should be rinsed two times a day thereafter with salt water as per extraction directions above.
  • At first postoperative treatment (POT) appointment, adjustments will be made, but patient needs to remember that they are in initial healing process and home care must be done as directed in order to maximize healing.
  • At second postoperative (POT) appointment (approximately 1 week later), further denture adjustments will be made as needed. Patient should continue to use salt water for two more weeks.
  • Further adjustments will be made as needed.