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Homecare for Complete Denture and/or Removal Partial Dentures

Clean Denture or partial 2-3 times daily using a cloth and warm water. Do this over the sink. Place a towel in he sink to protect the denture or partial from breakage if accidentally dropped.

At bedtime, clean the denture as above and soak the denture or partial in Polident or Efferdent for 10-15 minutes every night. Store in a small amount of plain water overnight. DO NOT sleep with the denture or partial in your mouth.

If sore spots/areas occur, hold warm salt water over the effected area 2 times a day and leave denture or partial out of your mouth more often. Keep other natural teeth as clean as possible to aid in healing. If soreness persists, call our office for an adjustment appointment.

When putting partial in your mouth, if it is at an angle, DO NOT FORCE it in. Remove and reposition. The partial is designed to fit straight in and come straight out.

DO NOT use bleach to clean your denture or partial.