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Beautiful smiles – bleaching

All of us desire a beautiful smile (;-).  How we go about achieving it is the BIG question.  One of the key sayings that Dr Molar Devan (a hero of Dentistry) said was “Do no Harm”.  Before any large treatment is started or bleaching begun, the person and the dentist should plan what is to be done… carefully.  Some of the “mall bleaching” systems may not be as safe for teeth and gums as customers may think… perhaps that is why they have you sign a waiver.  Many years ago there were bleaching systems tried that actually devitalized teeth and burned gum tissue.  One must be careful about which system one uses.  

Some of the new bleaching systems actually include a chemical that RE-mineralizes slightly etched teeth.  The key is to talk to your dentist about the bleaching system and it’s safety… remember… “Do no Harm.”

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