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Very interesting

Well, It finally happened.  A patient of ours received an EOB from his insurance company with the “Usual and Customary” fees listed. There was  a discrepancy between the UCR and our fees. (What a surprise!)  Our patient was disgruntled by this and called his insurance company to investigate the reason for the discrepancy.  The customer service rep was helpful to a point.  She informed  him that our fees were above the UCR.  He asked who in our area met the UCR fees so that he would have no “out of pocket” expense.  After much gnashing of teeth, she informed him that in order to find such a provider, he would have to drive to a “Denture Mill” in south Georgia to find those fees accepted.

      He , thankfully,  is not willing to sacrifice his treatment to go to a mill in south Georgia for UCR-level fees.  And no provider in the Knoxville area met those fees….   So how do the insurance companies come up with UCR  fees… really?  verry inturestink.

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