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Knoxville- No Flouride– Not Again

Years ago I was President of the Dorm while at UT.  The SGA had set up a talk by former Mayor , Cas Walker.  I was on the UT Basketball team at the time and had practice that afternoon until 5pm.  I hustled to shower and ran back to the dining facility to the meeting area.  When I arrived, there was one long table.  All the Floor presidents were at the west end of the table and Mr Walker was somewhat isolated and sitting at the East end of the table.  I grabbed my dinner and sat down next to him.  He was a thoroughly entertaining older man.  I knew a little about him… going from stockboy to owning a bodega… to owning 37 or so stores.  I asked him how he made it work and he gave me the condensed version… very interesting.  Then we got on Flouride.

For 30 years Mr Walker had fought the use of Fl2 in the Knoxville water system.  He was proud that he had been able to beat back the Second District Dental Society fight for it.

The damage that his campaign has caused the people of Knoxville is still reverberating.  Like a drop of water in a still pond , the waves of people hurt by his efforts are still suffering no teeth, bad teeth, and /or many restorations… let alone implants.

Knoxville don’t allow FL2 to be removed …it’s safe and very effective… if handled correctly.


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