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Insurance Enigmas

      Every day we in the dental industry are discovering new changes to insurance programs that had been stable for years. A recent change which is really insidious is the change in the duration of a PRE-Determination.

     Previously patients who needed treatment and were covered by an insurance plan could file a “Pre-D” and find out exactly what their policy would cover. They then had a year ( usually) to have the treament done. Very recently, we received a “Pre-D” with a date of only 90 days for a patient to have the necessary treament done. This patient is in a very busy job and has had some difficulty scheduling her appointments. This is really a startling change in Insurance Policy.
     Patients should be very careful with their insurance policies as changes are occurring now. What seems to be a small change may present a major change in how their insurance is administered. We have seen more changes recently than in many years in the recent past.

      I don’t know if this is the insurance industry’s reaction to market forces or if they are preparing for changes forced by Obamacare. Whatever the cause, insured patients need to be very aware of the changes happening now to their own insurance policies.

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