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Flat screens and Granite Countertops?

It is interesting when a former patient returns to our office with horror stories of treatment performed in other offices. A young patient who was in ATL for school and hasn’t been here in Oak Ridge told us a story about her recent visit to an office in Hotlanta. She walked into this office, filled out the paperwork, and was escorted in for an exam etc. She noted the flatscreen TVs and granite countertops throughout the office. The doctor stepped in, ordered Xrays, and left temporarily. When he returned he performed an exam. Then the interesting event occurred. He informed this 26 year old that she had old fillings all of which were broken, had decay, and needed to be replaced. She also needed “deep scaling and root polishing” with anesthesia. She, wisely, deferred treatment and came home for a visit. She called us from ATL and scheduled for an exam and second opinion.

She came into the office with copies of the Xrays and many questions. We made pictures and performed an exam. Not ANY of her restorations were defective, nor did she need “root scaling” at age 26. No periodontal disease was even evident by boneloss on HIS Xrays.

Just a word to the wise.

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