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First Annual “Food Bank Festival” Delivery

All of us would like to thank everyone who contributed to our “Food Bank Replenishment Festival”. We had many donations of non-perishable food items, but we had many donations of money which Mandy and Danielle enjoyed spending wisely. We ended up with enough items to FILL Amy’s van’s cargo area. However that was not the most memorable part of our small, but hear-felt, effort…

When we delivered the food to our selected food bank, we were amazed (naively so) at the number of people waiting for food. We brought the food just before lunch time on Valentine’s Day. As it turns out, one of our patients is the Director of the foodbank. She was blown away by YOUR generosity. The bank was scraping by since just a few days after Christmas… your donations greatly refilled the shelves. There were approximately 50% kids waiting for food on Valentine’s Day.

Thank YOU again for helping our little drive.

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