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Cedar Hill Park Rebuild

Well, It was hot, but not bad, when I got to Cedar Hill Park on Friday afternoon. A lot of the structural supports had been placed and cemented earlier. MANY people had been working hard on site prior to me arriving. At 1:30p when I arrived, people were moving quickly getting their small component projects done. The OR City personnel who were there had been there for days getting things started and ready for all us volunteers. They had done a great job in the big preliminary steps.

I was assinged to the “skilled ” labor group(???). While am skilled at several things, my “drilling” is usually applied to correctiing and maintaining oral health. The questions I was asked were: “Can I measure and cut a straight line? and Am I comfortable with a DRILL?” I just smiled!!! I was escorted to the Build Manager (Larry). He asked if I could cut 2x6s to a measured length and do 12 of them. I set off on my job.

Later with my task done, I returned to Larry and was given the follow on task of building 3 frames to go on the tops of 4 post arrangements for the roofs to the be attached to. Two young city staffers were also assigned to do this so that once we got the frames done, we could then level them, cut off the tops of the posts and attach the for the roofs to be placed. We did have to wait for the construction level to be setup, posts marked and then cut. By that time of the afternoon, everone present was busy and working on thier own tasks.

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