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Bulls and Bullettes

Well, it has been very interesting doing a new website. Our original site ( and still viable ) is www.the-tooth-be-told.com.  Deedee and I have spent hours doing the new site …. www.drwilliamlenihan.com .  We need to thank our little Bullette, Elaine F at www.Slamdot.com, for all her help and guidance. {She is an alumnus of Suny Buffalo( Da Bulls) [ergo Bullette]} . And Dan M. also. They both manned (womanned) the rudder as we travelled down our tricky voyage to the sea of webness.  Thanks Slamdot.

One thought on “Bulls and Bullettes”
  1. Elaine Frank says:

    Thank you Bill, you and Deedee were a pleasure to work with.

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