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What would YOU do to reduce your exposure to Radiation??

Many of us are very concerned about wearing our sunscreen and covering up to reduce, as much as possible, the effects of ionizing radiation on our bodies. We buy and use SPF in lip gloss, makeup, sunscreen, and, even, our clothing. We wear hats outside etc. Many products have sun protection ratings.

We here at Dr Bill’s office ascribe to the philosophy that we shoot as few Radiographs (X-rays) as diagnostically possible. We make pictures (with a camera) to try and show you, our patients, visual information, whenever possible, so that you are fully informed prior to any treatment that might be needed. We refrain from shooting X-rays whenever possible.

We have now gone the biggest step possible to reduce your exposure. We have had digital x-rays for several years, but now we have purchased a new Panoramic/ CBCT machine that will allow us to use ULTRA- LOW doses for x-rays and still get higher quality views.

What a fabulous improvement… Better quality, more information and ULTRA LOW dosage.

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