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Brangelina, Afleck, McDreamy and People Who really Care

It is amazing to me that in the current “Personality culture” people are famous for essentially doing nothing.  I was watching the news last week.  The Washington -area news people were having a dinner … President Obama spoke and cracked some funnies.  The TV coverage panned the crowd.  Who was there … none other than Kim Kardashian.  What a beautiful waste of humanity she is.  She does nothing for people yet she is on TV every day and has multiple TV shows running.  Since when does such a vacuous life generate such notoriety.

I appreciate persons such as Brad Pitt helping in New Orleans after Katrina and continuing to this day and Angelina Jolie being a UN Humanitarian Representative.  Ben Afleck gets points for going to Africa and helping children there.  Dr McDreamy helping save the driver of the car that wrecked in his front yard was a courageous act.  Many people help in small ways and do big things with many small efforts.  The Rotary Club gets a big cheer for backing the “End Polio Now ” effort over the last many years and almost finishing the job.  Bill Gates and his wife get cudos for their many efforts.  Mitt Romney shut down his entire office to go to New York and help find the missing daughter of one of his emplyees.  These are the people who should be celebrated.

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