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Well, I never… but I have

A few weeks ago, one of my long-term patients came in with a broken front tooth. About three milimeters of tooth remained above the gum tissue. There was adequate bone support and tooth structure to support a crown without a root canal. The adjacent tooth had about 10 fracture lines (cracks) in it too so the patient asked if we could do both of the crowns required at once and save him appointment time. Absolutely… made good sense to me. We made appropriate Xrays, pictures, and casts(impressions) and prepared the broken tooth and neighbor for the crowns. We made temporaries, then a master impression to have the lab construct the porcelain crowns correctly.
A few days later we inserted and then cemented the crowns. We submitted the crowns to the insurance company and waited. After a few weeks, the insurance company replied stating that they rejected the crown for the broken tooth, but the neighboring tooth was accepted. Well, I never…. but I have seen this before. Some clerk rejects treatment out of hand, and the patient (the paying client) has to go argue in order to get the treatment that they have been paying for.

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